Technology at Coca-Cola Essay

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According to Jones, "organizations use technology to become more efficient, more innovative, and better able to meet the needs and desires of stakeholders" that is, to increase the value of their incentives, compensations, and products or services (2013, p.243). Coca-Cola, AT&T, and Dell use many of their core competencies to keep their competitive edge in the US and abroad. Travel to almost any corner of the globe and you will see a familiar red and white beverage logo in a variety of languages. This brand recognition is due to the marketing competencies developed to edge out other companies in the beverage industry (Jones, 2013). The Coca-Cola Comany mission statement "To refresh the world...To inspire moments of optimism and happiness...To create value and make a difference" is expressed in their global commitments and in a recent global ad campaign to increase awareness of calories consumed vs. calories expended (The Coca-Cola Company, 2013). By leveraging the techology, that is the skills, procedures, techniques, and competencies of their marketing department at the output stage, Coca-Cola is able to "efectively dispose of the finished goods ... to external stakeholders" and sell more products in more places (Jones, 2013, p.243). In response to decreases in worldwide sales of carbonated beverages, Coca-Cola changed its international strategy to 'think local, and act local' by decentralizing its marketing to form several creative hubs responsible for creating a pool of campaigns that could be selected and adapted to any of their worldwide markets and broaden their customer base by incorporating indigeneous ingredients into their products across the globe (Wilken & Sinclair, 2011). References Jones, G. (2013). Organizational theory, design, and change. (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc. The Coca-Cola Company. (2013, May 7).

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