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Technology and Architecture connecting your home to your heart! Essay

  • Submitted by: anfagi
  • on April 23, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Technology and Architecture connecting your home to your heart!" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“Dry Translator” by Sabrina Raaf
Design and Analysis
Technology and Architecture connecting your home to your heart!

The Vocal Architecture with Innovative Technology that communicates through a smart piece of Architecture. This piece of Art is very personal. It is a very smart form of architecture, enhancing human communication through innovative technology. The design of this sculptural piece is embedded in a house more so your home where the wall is built in such a way that it enables interaction with the person wearing the vest. This custom designed audio vest is built whereby the participant touching the interactive wall hears their sound not locally where their finger hits the wall but it actually transmits to the torso via the vest. Within the wall is a built in microphones wired, whereby it acts like a stethoscope. It picks up the slightest vibration within the drywall material and is then amplified and transmitted wirelessly to the vests.
This wall becomes a skin-like extension of the participant’s body. If you can imagine the sound that you can make when scraping the wall with your finger nails. This piece of architecture stimulates the sound to your torso.
As quoted “Seeing is both a physical and psychological process” (Sayre Ed 5 Pg 13); Sabrina Raaf has innovatively used the senses, the sense of touch and sound. I think this is a great piece of sculptural technology which would be a great connector to a blind person or deaf person. Where the blind person can see this piece of art and technology through sound and the deaf can hear through their torso. The participant can record a series of touches or gestures on the wall via the interactive installed consol. This facilitates the previous person to leave a message to the next participant to play back on the vest.
This piece of art, if observed at first glance may just seem as a wall without any reference to its utility. Someone just gazing at it may consider it as just another wall. Even in the...

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