Technology and Todays Generation

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It is often debated whether technology is considered a positive or negative thing. Some people believe that technology is a positive thing that has changed their lives for the better. Others believe technology is a negative thing that has caused harm to their lives in some way. In my opinion, I believe that technology like the internet, cell phones, and social media has impacted society’s adolescent group and their future in a negative way. Ask yourself this “Has technology changed our future generations for the better or worse?” I feel like we live in a world now that is “Me Me Me!” and “I want it now now now!” The faster the better! I believe there are a lot more negative aspects of technology regarding today’s youth rather than positive ones. I have seen families that cannot even eat a meal together without their teenage son or daughter messaging on their cell phones, or playing games on their electronics. There are some positive statements being written in online articles regarding the impact technology is having on children today. Some positive statements were written in an article entitled Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Children written by a website called Inside Technology. It stated that there are some positive aspects of technology regarding today’s children. The article also said that today’s new technology has caused children to be more creative which has resulted in the creation of better innovations Another positive aspect of current technology according to the article is how technology encourages children to work as a team and solve problems together. Not to mention, developing new technology and ideas can have an empowering effect on today’s youth (Goessl 2011). I think that feeling empowered and intelligent are good qualities everyone should have. In my opinion, a person is more apt to work harder on a project if he or she feels
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