Technology And Society

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Planet Earth is around 4.5 billion years old. In the beginning, according to Charles Darwin, all creatures started life as miniscule organisms and cells, in the oceans. Eventually, evolution took over and gave birth to vegetation, fish and animals. Humans are one of those few creatures that still walk the earth. They are also the youngest if the planets age is taken into consideration. Yet no other living thing has had more impact on shaping the world than man kind. The discovery of fire must be one of the reasons why because from that point on they have had a desire to build, invent and innovate. This desire has led to the construction of the pyramids, the invention of the wheel and the concept of money, to name a few. But all of these old world developments took thousands of years and they fall into comparison with the new world which began with the discovery of electricity in the 19th century. Just like what fire had done before, electricity is the fuel that is driving the new world, primarily with one of the most important inventions of all time, the computer, in 1939. Since then computers have gotten smaller and stronger, and have seemingly integrated into society. Some experts are also calling this new period, a technological revolution because in the old world, humans used technology to fulfill a need but now they have to learn to live with it. This process is razing questions and doubt about the future. How much technology do we need? Who is controlling whom? What does the future hold? These questions are mostly being asked by Generation “X”, who find it hard to adapt and feel that human interaction is dying. Generation "Y”, however, is embracing this new era of information technology and mostly has a bright outlook. So, can humans co-exist with technology? Or, are they doomed? Maybe, there are two sides to this story? This study will focus on the different
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