Technology And Society

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In today’s day and age, technological advances are what drive and shape the human race. It is what keeps us moving forward for both efficiency and human dependency. We each live in a society that is constantly interconnected with everything and everyone, made possible but the constant use of information and communication technologies. Information and communication technologies, such as the computer, telephone, television, internet and other gadgets and devices, have taken an essential role in the lives of people today. One cannot even fathom the thought of living his or her life without the use of technology. One of these essential means of technology is the internet, a global system of interconnected computer networks to serve billions of users worldwide. This has provided an even more accessible gateway to the new technologies and systems available. The internet is a sensation that has engulfed the human race and the ways of many people’s lives. The internet, as previously stated, pertains to the very important concept of data communication. It is a global network connecting millions of computers, linked into the exchanges of data, news and opinions. The topic I have chosen for this second assignment is the utilization of the internet in the everyday lives of my fellow peers. As I am currently a student who frequently uses the internet for a multitude of purposes, I also wanted to understand the opinions of the matter from a group of individuals and the importance of its role to them. I collected the data for this assignment through a certain number of interviews, rather than the through the method of questionnaires or interviews. I conducted the interviews in person and via Skype, a video chat application that utilizes the internet to connect people. I did not tape or record any parts of these interviews during this process. The demographic characteristics
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