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Technology and Our Youth Essay

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The always changing and always increasing availability of information and communication has come to pose obstacles to the thought provoking values students are needing to find within their studies. Technology has come to provide every sort of information or piece of news faster than ever before and although it has proven to be   a great achievement, in order to benefit from it one must still maintain the necessary parts to a working imagination. As Fr. Nicholas stated, “...exercising an imagination which grasps reality and involves ‘a refusal to let go until we get beneath the surface’ is a crucial element of Jesuit education”, understanding how to use our imagination for serious thinking in our technology-driven world is the key to the critical thinking of Jesuit education.
The smartphone has become a very popular item for the young generation of today. The smartphone holds features that no book or newspaper could compete with, however, the features of the smartphone could never compare to the components of a smart, reflective, and intellectual person. The powers of the human brain are far beyond the capability of a plastic phone. Imagination, critical thinking, deep reflection, and strong decision making are the fascinating parts of the mind but with the addiction of technology comes the prevention of these working parts- especially imagination. People have become used to being spoon-fed information instead of reaching themselves to find it; this in turn creates an inability to properly think and create.
When Fr. Nicholas referred to global communication technologies as fostering the “globalization of superficiality”, the underlying message seems to be that society is becoming wrapped up in the “look at me” mindset. Sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, dedicate a whole page to a single person to basically brag and put out there about what he or she is doing, eating, feeling like, etc. Teenagers especially are constantly playing this “look at me”...

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