Technology and Its Effects on Todays Society

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TECHNOLOGY AND ITS EFFECTS ON TODAYS SOCIETY TECHNOLOGY AND ITS EFFECTS ON TODAYS SOCIETY 5/28/2013 TECHNOLOGY AND ITS EFFECTS ON TODAYS SOCIETY INTRODUCTION Today’s technology is a result of decades of human research and advancement in numerous fields of scientific study. We have seen over the last forty or fifty years a constant growth in technology which has benefited society in the home, at the work place, on the go and in the air. There have been pros and cons on and about modern technology but that can be debated in many areas in our society today. EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY ON SOCIETY Technology today responds to the demand of society even if that means that it is not the best of things for society itself, sometimes with a clear negative impact when it’s only a whim of a democratic society that puts technology and its advancement before the greater good of society. Let’s give you a simple example, years ago in developed countries people used to worry about their families, their well being, and their education, but now with the excess of wealth and freedom society has oriented its gaze upon superficial necessities, like a TV for each family member, or a car for each family member, these superficial whims of society will lead to the breakdown of communication within the family nucleus and eventually to the family itself. Humanities destiny will be defined in a big way on how society continues to use technology as it continues to advance into the future. THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY ON SOCIETY Today’s technology has changed a great deal and has also changed our manners and our train of thought. In the field of communication it has generated a great impact on social life and on people themselves up to a point that they can’t live without today’s tech. This sounds a bit wild but technology has had a great influence in history and in humanity,
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