Technology and Isolation Essay

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Technology and Social Isolation A personal reflective review of the use of technology and the social implications. Technology advancements made life simpler, convenient, and changed our lifestyles through the way we interact. According to McPherson, Smith-Lovin, & Brashears (2006; 2009), in 2006, sociologist conducted a widely reported study and found a drastic decline with the size of social networks since 1985; people are becoming more socially isolated due to technology. Technology has changed drastically in my lifetime, we will discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and common misconceptions in further detail. As a child I used technology for educational purposes on my computer. I also used technology for video games such as console systems and at the local arcade. As I grew older into my teenage years, I was introduced to emailing, instant messaging (MSN or ICQ), and cellphones. This became a key factor as a socializing agent at the time, instant messaging was progressing into the norm for communicating in my generation and an addition and extension to traditional social activities such as engaging in face-to-face interactions. Boyd, Bee, & Johnson (2009) points out that friendship continues to be important throughout the course of life from adolescent to late adulthood. Therefore, if technology became the norm of communicating in my generation, I adapted to this change in order to create, improve, and maintain relationships. I currently use technology with a cellphone and internet for retrieving information and to communicate with friends because it has become the norm of social behaviour; technology helps me communicate with, create and maintain relationships. Shaefer & Halaand (2009) revealed that "friends" or peer groups are an agent of socialization, therefore, it is normal to imitate friends and keep up with current trends. For example, Hsu & Lin
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