Technology and Industrialization and the Attendant Changes in American Social Structure Altered the Lives of Threeof the Following Groups

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Asses the ways in which technology and industrialization and the attendant changes in American social structure altered the lives of threeof the following groups The Industrial Revolution brought great changes to the Western economy and society. Major technological innovations intensified international commercial contacts. Technological innovations helped workers with Agriculture, steam, factories, and the With Agriculture beginning to use machinery, Steam becoming a very important part of everyday life, and factories being able to put in new machinery there was an increase in the position of the government. Change did not always mean progress; with change there came a number of setbacks as well as advances for the people with agriculture beginning to use new machinery the market for food increased. They began to use machinery rather than animals and people. A farmer and his sons would be able to run a whole farm on their own without hired help. They were able to get work that would normally take weeks, done in a shorter period of time. They were then able to get food from places that were not close to them.... Industrialization helped the middle class because the poor working class was working in the factories, the upper class owned the factories, and the middle class was comprised of people who managed others, worked at banks, or were highly skilled craftsmen whose jobs could not be replaced by unskilled lower class workers or machines, etc. Also, the Industrial Revolution led to divides in the upper and lower Middle Class. The middle class artisans were crushed as their skills were replaced by machinery. This was the entire purpose of the Industrial Revolution. Skilled workers could command high wages and control over their workspaces. Machines replaced those people and increased profits for the factory owners. Children were often used because you didn't
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