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INF 103: Information Security and Privacy Website Privacy In general, people who browse websites, shop, and interact socially are identifying themselves whether we are aware or not. For example, if you wanted to delete your Facebook or Twitter account you can, but because of certain Terms of Service these social networks can still use your information and pictures even after you deleted your account. To be on the safer side, you should always log out, clear your browsing history and change your passwords periodically. (Bowles, 2013). Secure Online Transactions Before putting in sensitive information such as your passwords to your online banking, social security number, paying for merchandise using your credit/debit cards, you should check for the websites security certificate and if there is a secure connection where information is encrypted. You should also shop and browse reputable sites like Walmart, EBay, and Amazon, if you know you will be putting sensitive information in and shopping on those websites. Also, look for the lock icon in the Security Status bar, but remember not all transactions are 100% secure. Anti-Spyware Protection Besides adding anti-virus protection, anti-spyware is equally important. Spyware generally obtains information from you and can share it with other people and it can also change your computers settings and cause crashes. (Bowles, 2013). You can obtain complete virus and spyware protection from software like Norton, and McAfee, that offer products to protect your computer. References Bowles, M. D. (2013). Introduction to Digital Literacy. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education,

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