Technology Affecting Education

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How technology has affected education Everyone has see than moody kid with their ear buds blasting out music or that girl uncontrollably texting away ,Technology advances has had a huge impact on youth of today, as it has changed through time having made education much easier and has also been a distraction towards learning-isolating youths from reality. Technology has affected young minds depending on how they use it and the amount of time it is being used for. Do students learn today as they did ten to twenty years ago? Technology has been better than ever! Playing a very important role in education. It is part of everyday life having its negative and positive influences as most people come across it through their lives.However,Tecnology has mostly affected teenagers and young adults as they are exposed to the most technology in this generation, from iPods’ to smart phones, most teenagers own a Smartphone spending unnecessary amount of money on them. Young minds develop much more quickly when they are surrounded by technology, knowing more than they should know at their age .It makes them lazier and children become independent at a young age, spending more time on their gadgets than they spend with family and friends. These day 10 year olds have facebook and twitter when these sites are designed for an older group category. Technology cuts you off personal interactions and new experiences. How are we meant to face reality if we are not trying new things? Normally, children would come home from school ,grab a snack, and complete homework that must be completed but now the first thing they do is go on the laptop, computer or any other gadgets they own as it seems like technology is before everything. Not only is it used at home but used in school. Student sitting at the back of the class, texting non stop when their full attention should be on their learning.
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