Technology Advancements Essay

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Today, with the advancement in technology it is growing very rapidly. With the growing of the technology all law enforcement agencies are connected through a computer system where they are able to do a lot of things, such as monitoring, tracking, notify one another concerning potential suspects, sex-offenders and paroled prisoners. Daily they are working on improving the communication technology as it stretches across from agencies to agencies. We have several tools that the law enforcement agencies are using today, one example that we are all familiar with is the Amber Alert System. With this system all agencies and everywhere is immediately notified and it is set into motion once all the information has been giving concerning the missing child. After receiving all the information it is then conveyed through the radios and television as outsourcing telecommunications. The Amber Alert System has proven to be so effective, that all computerized sings up and down the interstates and highways will post all information concerning the Amber Alert which in details will have the information of the missing child and description of the person or person’s involved. “The Amber Alert System today has saved and rescued more children, due to the telecommunication” (Technology & Tolls of Criminal Justice, n.d). Another technology that is being used around the world is the DNA. This technology would be more effective if they would update the forensic DNA testing. DNA researchers have worked on improving the development of DNA chip technology. This uses nanotechnology to improve the speed and resolution of the DNA analysis. This will reduce the analysis time for several hours to actually several minutes in return will provide cost effective components. With this it will enable the crime labs to have a greater success in the analysis of old or compromised items. References
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