Technology Advancement Essay

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The impact of technological advancement is massive and has shaped the world into what is currently is. Technology makes daily tasks and chores a lot more simple for people to complete, as it requires less thought and energy, providing humanity with more comfort and ease. It is through the new and efficient inventions that mankind has created that has developed our society and formed an advanced world. However, we must not forget the side effects and risks involved with technological advancement. Technological devices have impacted on our ability to interact with others, our worth as human beings, our views and standards and has even affected our environment. Communication is a large aspect of society that is influenced by technology. People have heavily relied on technological devices to carry out tasks for them, leading to the issues of lacking self independence and motivation to engage in face to face human interaction and physical activity. Having access to communicate by countless different methods and by even quicker means has rapidly isolated people, especially teenagers, from face to face contact with others. There are certain aspects of technology that aren't so beneficial as Einstein stated many years ago, "there are technologies that can serve man will, and those that can annihilate him too". Technological devices are slowly devouring our self independence and draining the pure essence of life out of us, diminishing the reason to live. Humanity's purpose in life is to build relationships with others, create strong bonds and share memories and experiences, we are unable to achieve that if we engage ourselves in countless hours a day of technology, sitting motionlessly in front a fluorescent screen that doesn't benefit your physical or mental state. Young people aged 13-24, spend an average of 16.7 hours a week online, excluding e-mail, compared to
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