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technology Essay

  • Submitted by: c_dubb
  • on April 28, 2008
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In the 1950’s, family dinner was a tradition that most families practiced everyday no matter how busy they were. Today, it’s rare to find a family that has family dinner every night. Family dinner is important to me, but it isn’t as important to my siblings. I have four sisters and one brother all in the range of thirteen through twenty years old. Out of the five, I am the only one (besides my mother) that makes an attempt to sit down and have dinner. Every night, after my mom makes everyone’s plate, my four siblings each goes downstairs at separate times to get their plates. Due to technology, it is impossible for my family to communicate on the same level and to have dinner together. How does technology have an impact on the communication within a family, and how are some technologies differing from the technology in the 1959’s?
In the 1950’s, almost every household owned one television, and it was located in the main room of the house. According to Emily Comier, “Leave it to Beaver was a popular show that came on in the 1950’s.” From that, I’m assuming that most families sat down together to watch that show since there was only one television in the house. Today, “40 percent of households own three or more TV’s” (TV-Turnoff). Since there is a television in almost every room in my house, my family doesn’t watch television together.
My sisters eat their dinner in their rooms just so they can watch TV in their room. They each have their individual show that they like to watch everyday. However, all of
their shows come on at different times. My youngest sister likes to watch That’s So Raven which comes on at seven o clock every night. My twin sister likes to watch Making the Band which comes on at nine o clock. Due the fact that my oldest sister works late, she misses out on the soap operas during the day. So when she get home, she re-heats her plate (that my mother put aside) and goes in her room to watch Soap Net which comes on at eleven o clock every night....

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