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The age of technology is just starting and is only going to get better. The human race has evolved technology to the next level. Over the last 20 years we have gone from flip-phones to the new iPhone 6 or the Samsung galaxy A7. Our computers are now larger, thinner, and extremely fast. In the future teachers should have technology in their classes because technology is just starting to get good and is only going to grow. Technology is simply going to get better, so if we use it in classrooms students will get a better education. The fact that technology is growing just means that there are going to be more job opportunities, and that means there are going to be more minds working on new technology. “The human race and its struggle to keep up with technology.” (Presnky, What does it mean to be a digital native?) We, humans, are struggling to keep up with technology because the technological industry is growing so fast. Students today get to experience so much and its truly mind blowing. The fact that every school gets some type of technology, all the students get to use the technology, so it helps everyone learn so much. “The present that we live in, are the futures that our past have imagined.” (Shah, What does it mean to be a digital native?) Every kid dreams of what the future will be like, and every teen dreams of what technology will be like in the future. Not too long ago everyone thought that 2015 was going to be like what the movie “Back to the Future” said it was going to be, but it isn’t yet. “As innovation will only press forward faster... and faster and faster.” (Prensky, What does it mean to be a digital native?) In the last 2 years technology in classrooms has grown so much. In the 2012/2013 6th grade class of Sage Canyon Elementary, students got to use 1st gen macbook pros and 1st gen iPads, but now in the class of 2014/2015 they are using the latest

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