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Technology Essay

  • Submitted by: RacheemLandry1
  • on December 9, 2013
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Over the years, technology has grown.. Due to the growth of technology in our society, people now think that we are abusing the use of technology thereby causing the people more harm. our society today, people no longer have time for each other. Like in the 40s when there were no phones and computers, people were up and doing, ready to work and using critical thinking to solve problems but today things have changed. For instance, in the hospital everything is computerized, the laptop is there. For instance there are no more written document incase the system crashes or damages, because the entire data is saved in the system as a result, people have become lazy..
Back in the days when there were no phones, people could visit there friends and families without phone calls or texting and no one saw it as a problem. Today it’s called invasion of privacy. The easiest way to avoid people around us is to engage in one activity on the phone or computer, by so doing we lost the value for one another.
In the early 40s, mothers washed their children clothes with their hands and rinsed them properly. This made the clothes last longer, and it also help save some money, but today washing with hand is gradually fading away if not forgotten, due to modern technology. This have made so many mother lazy, they see washing with their hands as hard job.
Before the introduction of microwave and other device use in the production of food, mother would prepare freshly made meal for their family without preservatives, but this no longer happens in our world today. Students also rely on the use of these devices for example the calculators, internet to do assignment and do calculations, in a survey done by Jones in 2002; he found out that 74 percent of student involves internet use. Today almost 98 percent of student has phone and use in the class even when the teacher is lecturing them. Calculators also have made student too lazy, it...

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