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In Ed Bell’s article, Being too much in love with technology, he presents a serious problem of how Americans nowadays depend too much on technology to get our tasks accomplish. Using technologies is very efficient and saves time to achieve our duties, but it plays more negative roles by hurting our environment and our health. I strongly agree with Ed Bell’s view on how contemporary Americans are not appreciating natural surroundings and not using technology more discriminately. There are many ways how people from old generation lived without having these advanced technologies. They were still able to survive without computers, cell phones, cars, and other equipments, which make our lives easier. In this article, Ed Bell presented very good points by using raking as one of the examples to support his view. This obviously proves that people can accomplish daily routine just as well without technology. There are many opportunities given to contemporary Americans to use their natural resources in a simple and cheaper way and they should really take advantage of it. Furthermore, not only some technologies are unnecessary, but also they make people very lazy nowadays. Due to advanced technologies that this society offers, a number of obesity people high rocketed compared to a number of people from older generation. Natural ways of doing something requires little bit more energy than using technologies. However, like Bell said the raking provides the necessary physical movements that people need. In fact, Americans are getting two for one by getting their duties done, but also getting extra benefit from what they are supposed to. Car is another technology that people overly used just because we can. Before it was common to see people walk to places, however, cars became so common that people unnecessarily drives short distance when they have other choices of

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