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Technology is basically a machine made up scientifically that you use in your everyday life. As in computers, cell phones, etc. We wouldn’t have the technology we have now if it wasn’t for the scientist back in the old days that create the abacas or even the printing press. They used this to make the technology and the ideas of technology that we now have. There was a drastic change in technology. We went from having big bulky computers to now having little flat hand computers and from having little black and white television to now having flat touch screen tvees. Cell phone, tvees and computers, and the three main issues that cause a void in teenager’s life. We can spend all day talking on the phone and catching up on the latest tvee shows or browse the web or maybe even do all three, there is a lot going on in a teenager life, and cell phone , computers etc. seem to be one of them. But at the same time technology can be negative, it can also be positive. “The vignette illustrates but how programming can be used as an effective learning tool & raise the ideas of how cultural & social settings & personal experience influence learning with media” –( pg125 T McPherson) Technology is a void in teen’s life because it gives off a major effect. Most teens can’t go a day without their phone or even checking their facebook. “Modern technology is so engrossing that a teen feels helpless in accomplishing his/her daily tasks without necessary gadgets” (Page 1 Sushil K.S). There is so much to technology than you actually think it is. Because now that It is becoming so much more advance than what it used to be it can be considered an addiction to some people. It has become so addictive that most teenagers can even text without looking. Now a, days Students are sneaking their phones in school, while they are supposed to be in their lockers. Even though

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