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Nowadays, we can’t imagine ourselves without technological advances that make our life easier .People became dependant on technology to do every single thing in their daily life. Can you really imagine yourself in a world without all the machines that surround us? I personally find it very hard, and so do most of the people in today’s world. In fact, men always need to create what would make their life effortless. Therefore, they have always tried to develop the technology from the dawn of human kind, with the invention of the prehistoric tools, and continue into recent inventions such as airplanes and rockets. We are living today in a word of modernization ruled by technological advances, and where humanity is no longer capable of living without machines. Technology and science seem to advance with no limits, always broadening the human being’s horizon and constantly opening new doors for him. Unfortunately all this comes at a great cost. Our society, and lifestyle have been affected by this advancement, so did our ethics and values. Therefore, The main question in today’s life is what are technology’s consequences, and whether we should put an end to its advancement or not! From the very first moment we wake up, we are most likely to use an infinite number of technological tools until we go back to sleep. From the microwave, to the car, to the cellular phone, technology is essential in everyday life! Seventy years ago having a phone in his house was not common at all. It was very difficult for households to buy a phone which was too expensive and rare. Today, it became normal to watch a kid of 10 years old carrying a cell phone at all times. Housewives don’t have to do half of the work they used to take care of In the past, there are specific machines now that can finish the job in a less time and in a more professional way such as washing machines and

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