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Technology In spite of the good things that technology may offer schools and kids, it has many negative effects. Due to the advancements in technology, distractions, plagiarism, and inability of processing information independently will take place. This may contribute to the negative outcomes that technology may offer. Technology may become a distraction and may cause a student to have problems that would affect his education. Esther Dyson said in Source D , “ Machines automate the production of attention-consuming information, which take our time. For example, if one person sends the same email message to ten people, then ten people (in theory) should give it their attention.” This shows us that technology may be a big distraction and it may take a lot of people’s attention which would prevent them from doing their schoolwork. Technology might negatively affect one’s social and mental life negatively. Dyson Esther also stated in source D, “ It’s a social problem, but i think it may also herald a mental one - which I imagine as a sort of mental diabetes. This shows us that the author sees technology as not only a social illness but also a mental one. Technology affects one’s social life because it is also considered as an addiction that might absorbs one’s life and take over it which may cause the person to be socially outcasted. It is a mental one because it reduces one’s attention span. Esther Dyson also said, “ today’s children are living in an information-rich, time-compressed environment that often seems to stifle a child’s imagination rather than stimulate it.” Too much information and a very time compressed environment may seriously damage a child’s brain instead of helping it. Due to technology, kids are overwhelmed with too much information. They’re growing up in an information rich environment which affects they’re lifestyle. As David Gelernter said

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