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Guadalupe Hermosillo Wr121 Ms. Krivoruk Essay #3 technology Technology is constantly changing every day in many ways, from the latest smart phones, fancy 3D LED TV’s, and the newest updated computers and their websites. People every day use some kind of technology. As technology increases, it getting more advanced, and the more advanced it gets, the easier it makes our day to day routine, and the end result is become too dependent on all the different kind of technology. Kids today are being raised with technology all around them but the technology in school may become a problem down the road because, kids are becoming so dependent on it, computers are becoming major distractions at school and at home, families are becoming distant from one another. The use of technology is everywhere, at any time and any place. Schools are allowing teachers to use computers in classrooms, unfortunately, teachers don’t realize that the use of computers is not helpful for kids but in fact a form of distraction. Kids are spending most of their free time browsing the internet and connecting with others alike, instead of going outside to play with their friends or practice a sport. Parents are contributing to this problem, instead of encouraging their kid to go outside and play they are letting them stay attached to their computer for hours, according to Goessl “Parents are fearful to let their children escape to the adventures of the outdoors alone and as an alternative have encouraged technical devices as a replacement for entertainment.” Children are becoming dependent to this resource, causing a huge impact on their lives. There is a large variety of information that kids have access to view over the internet, this makes is easier for them to gather data that they don’t need, such as online gaming, virtual worlds, Google, and YouTube. Goessl points out that, “Society

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