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When it comes to technology the biggest effect in our lives and in this country are computers. Computers play a vital role in many individual’s lives. We are so dependent upon computers that almost everything we utilize is operated by a computer. For me I could not live without a computer. My day to day functions rely on my computer. I pay bills; conduct on-line banking and I utilize the computer to go to school. My life definitely revolves around the computer. Now, if my computer crashed I wouldn’t know what to do. For example, where I work the entire system works on Novell and Sun Systems and it went down and no one could log onto the network. Employee’s started to go home, because the system was down, because they felt as though they couldn’t do any more work and felt like they didn’t have any reason to continue their workday. Another example is trying shopping in a Macy’s department store or a Harris Teeter grocery store, when the computers go down, this can cause a major standstill. Just imagine an entire computer system in an airport shutting down. What if major banks were to somehow lose all of its banking records or all of the computers in a hospital went down. Can you vividly imagine all of these things happening? These are just a few things examples of how this country is so dependent upon computers. We live in a generation, where all we know is computers. The effect that computers have on this generation is that we can’t live without them. Every single progression in technology is at their fingertips. In the Y2K, computers are the way to go. It is not about learning the basic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Why do we have to worry? A computer does all of the work us. Computers have played a major role in of all aspects of our lives. They are amazing and can do so many things, but the key is that they have to be in operating

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