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1. Quantity of heat is measured in… A. degree celsius. B. kelvins. C. joules. D. amperes. 2. Which of the following does not produce heat? A. Passing an electric current through a wire. B. Adding a piece of zinc to hydro acid. C. Rubbing your hands vigorously together. D. Sparying alcohol on your leg. 3. The main source of heat for the Earth is… A. the Sun. B. the electric current. C. the combustion of wood. D. the combustion of fossil fuels. 4. Which statement about heat is incorrect? A. Heat travels fastest by convection through a gas. B. Heat increases the temperature of a subtance. C. Heat can travel through solids, liquids and gases. D. A large object contains more heat than a small object of the same temperature. air water 5. Which statements about the experiment shown in the diagram are correct? I Bubbles of air will be seen in the water. II Heat from the hands reaches the air in the flask by radiation. III The air in the flask expands on warming. IV The flask is a poor conductor of heat. A. II and IV only B. I,II and III only C. I, III and IV only D. I,II,III and IV 6. In which situation described below is an insulator of heat not used? A. Ice blocks are covered with sawdust. B. The handle of a soldering iron is made of plastic. C. Frying pan are made of aluminium. D. Birds fluff their feathers on a cold day. 7. Which of the following are the reasons why mercury is used in thermometers? I It is a good conductor of heat. II It has a high boiling point. III It contracts and expands uniformly at all temperatures. A. I and II only B. I and III only C. II and III only D. I, II and III 8. Which of the following make use of the contraction of metal? I Fixing of telephone wires. II Gaps in railway tracks. III Bimetallic strip in a fire alarm. A. I and II only B. I and

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