Technologie Advancement Essay

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ENG3U1-11 September 12, 2011 Technological Advancements Over the past few decades technology has been rapidly advancing. As a result, it has made a tremendous improvement to the quality in everyday human activity. Daily life, medical research and treatment, and overall education around the globe have been positively effected by technological advancement. All have demonstrated the importance’s of enhancing the prior knowledge of the daily existence of human kind. Current technology has impacted the treatment and research of many different medical conditions. Using the latest technologies to diagnose and fight diseases helps the progress of medicine and medical care. Equipment such as ECG monitors, life support and cardiac machines have increased life expectancy; this has helped save lives. Technology gives scientists the capability to pursue research to discover cures for HIV, cancer, diabetes and discover vaccines that aid to prevent illnesses. Medical technology will provide for a healthier future. As technological development has progressed it has been adopted in education. Students in society have the ability to quickly access resource centers, internet access, learning materials at the tip of there fingers. Computers have expanded possibilities for students in which information and research can be delivered today. With technology students today have a larger understanding, with that their prone to being more successful in the future. Daily life has also been positively effected by technological advancement. Technology in our everyday lives have solved many issues such as transportation, better communication as well as entertainment. There are many reasons why technology is so important in society today, the fact how we can be able to communicate anytime anywhere.

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