Technological Invasion Essay

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Topic: Who needs privacy? Discuss the concept of privacy in a world of identity cards, CCTV surveillance and the selling of personal data. Recently, numerous social networking sites have been developed all around the world, which had allowed internet users from all over the world to keep in touch with one another. However, it has incurred problems as well. Social networking sites have caused cyber-crimes, such as cyber-bullying and identity theft and also intruded privacy of many users of social networking sites. Privacy of people and numerous social networkers have been intruded by not only social networking sites, but also from CCTV surveillance and identity cards. Due to the development of technology, people living in the modern world now, are vulnerable to be invaded in their private life. Some technological devices, which have been manufactured to serve several purposes such as CCTV, which guards the security for buildings and community and identity cards, which hold personal data, have been misused causing social issues and even crimes. People are sensitive when it comes to the matters of privacy. They want it to be valued and secluded from the rest of the society. However, recently, there have been a lot of cases reported which are related to privacy intrusion. For instance, in South Korea, the owners of public bathing places installed CCTV cameras, in both male and female hot springs. This cameras recorded and captured naked figures of people from all age groups from both genders. As a result, series of public bathe owners were under arrest. Technologies have also caused numerous cyber-crimes, fraud and identity thefts. Identity cards hold private information of an individual, which can be used in financial ways, such as creating bank accounts or to make payments and also to create membership or to use other's identity to prove one's identity,

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