Technological Change Has Seen Improvements in the Lives of Australians in the Post-War Period. Essay

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History essay – Technological change has seen improvements in the lives of Australians in the post-war period. Technological change has defiantly improved the lives of the vast majority of Australians but with it also came some problems. However the advantages I believe, far outweigh the disadvantages. There have been major improvements to technology in the post war period such as the development of home appliances which are time and back saving, the availability of transport at a low cost and improvements in public transport and vast improvements in ease and cost of communication. The improvements in transport have led to a more mobile Australia. After World War 2 the production of cars became dramatically cheaper as a result of mass production. Personal cars allowed Average Australians easy access to destinations previously unreachable. In the post war period, public transport became an increasingly affective method of transport with buses replacing trains and trams. This was due to buses easily accessing areas where trams and trains could not go. These improvements in transport led to the development of suburbs out of the city and allowed Australians to easily commute to work every day. This revolutionised cities in the 1960s and caused a large growth in population. By having these outer suburbs it allowed people to live the Australian dream of having a quarter acre block with a house on it. However with the positive comes the negative effects and with all of the new cars on the road there was a massive increase in the pollution. As Australians commuted to work they had to deal with problems never faced before such as, traffic jams, road rage and deadly crashes. Home appliances have changed greatly in the Post war period. It has allowed Australians to save time on household chores, because modern appliances allow for chores to be done more quickly. For

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