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Technological Advances in Modern Automobiles Essay

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Technological Advances in Modern Automobiles
Evan Davis
Gainesville State College

Technology has helped to take many unwanted tasks out of the daily activities of people all around the globe as well as enrich our lives with information and services that previously might have been seemingly impossible.   Computers can determine our location within inches, connect us to friends on the other side of the globe, and even calculate the weather with precise accuracy.   Despite the huge leaps in technology in the past years, it is hard to believe that a computer could take on a task that requires a human to process millions of decisions per second in an uncontrolled environment.   Driving a car seems to be the new hot topic for some of the most intelligent computer programmers in the world.   Technology has made its way into modern vehicles by various onboard systems designed to make driving more enjoyable and safer for a human being, but the idea of a car allowing a driver to become a passenger as the car takes over one hundred percent of the control has sparked the curiosity of whether it can be done and if so is it actually a feasible option for next era of modern cars.

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Almost anyone would agree that their time is one of the most valuable things that they possess and since time is valuable most people also like to make the most of it.   If Americans kept track how much time they spent behind the wheel most would be frustrated and disappointed that the time spent driving is mostly wasted time.   On average Americans spend two weeks out of every year in their vehicles.   This staggering amount of time behind the wheel begs the question to what other productive things...

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