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Major technological advancements were made in the early 19th century that helped change the economy and society of the United States. Many helped the United States economy and society; but, of course some of them did have drawbacks. For the most part though, the new technology was good helping the United States to advance in everything from agriculture to communication with a variety of inventions like the Cotton Gin and the Telegraph. The first in the major technological advancements came to the benefit of the agricultural department. During this time cotton was in huge demand from Europe, the south started to grow it eventually becoming south’s dominant crop; however there were two major problems, it took lots of labor and time and it had seeds in it. Eli Whitney though, designed and built the 1st Cotton Gin. The cotton gin was such a break through in this time because it was a machine that cleaned the cotton taking the seeds out of it, you only needed one person to work it, and it could do the job of 50 hand cleaners at once. That saved farmers in money to buy slaves, and time, need for each little piece of cotton to be cleaned so much more cotton could be produced in one day. There was one drawback to this though. Because even though it needed less labor to work it, with the cotton gin lots of people went into farming cotton crops in the South; where slavery had been on the decline but cotton brought back the expansion of slavery and demand for slaves. Two more advancements, yet much less exciting than the cotton gin, were invented for agriculture benefit. Cyrus McCormick created the 1st horse drawn McCormick reaper, that could harvest approximately 16 acres a day, considerably more than the 2-4 that could be done by hand. John Deere created the steel plow that could go through tough land, allowing people to be able to plow, harvest, and plant more.

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