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Sophia Kaufman Period 2 December 15, 2011 My Antonia Willa Cather Copyright 1994 Bantam Books 1. Jim Burden is the first main character. He had a good upbringing and a remarkably deep love for Antonia that never failed. He had a good head on his shoulders and he was mainly focused on taking good care of the farm and teaching himself all of the things he needed for a successful future. Antonia was a young girl of Bohemian ethnicity. She did not have quite the same raising as Jim did. Her family life was not a good one. She was quite the optimist because no matter how many problems in life she had, she always had a good attitude about it. She was a really good person. 2. Lena is one important minor character. She was a wild, free spirit who was always looking for excitment. She was quite the looker and all the boys loved her. Though despite all of this male attention, she never fell back for them or agreed to be with them. She played a major role in Jim becoming a man, and though Jim was attracted to her, it wasn't in nearly the same way as he was attracted to Antonia. Another minor character who help importance was Anton Cuzak. He was Antonia's husband, and he basically completes Antonia. He was a good guy with a good sense of humor. He was also very nice and loving and he always helped Antonia in her mistakes. 3. The book's setting was very important because when they moved to Black Hawk, Nebraka, it not only changed Antonia's life, but also Jim's life without a doubt. The fact that Antonia's family was falling apart brought heartache in large parts to the Burdens, and also changed the way that Jim lived his life. Another setting that contributed to the story in large parts was the garden where Antonia, Jim and the Herling children spent their days playing and enjoying themselves. It was in this garden that Antonia and Jim's relationship grew. 4. The

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