Technogly Essay

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Computer Revolution The world can’t live without technology, if you don’t have a smart phone these days you’re totally lost. Technology is the rule of the day, we need it and we are addicted to it. It’s has gone so far that it has replace teachers in classroom, it has replace from going to the mall and make you groceries; sometimes I think back and I say wow we are zombies, all I see is people stick to their phones; sometimes it gets me sad, because where’s is left the interaction with the world?. Me I love my iPhone but at the same time I hate it; we have this thing called text messages that doesn’t allow to hear a laugh or a cry. I take online courses because I have no other choice; I work full time from 8 to 5, I was going at night, 2 classes every weak, but sadly for this trimester there were NO night classes available all of them where during the day and I can’t because I work. Right now I feel frustrated; I’m doing my best for not to flunk in this trimester that is ending soon. I love to interact with teachers, talk, laugh, seat, listen and pay attention; for me you have a lot of wisdom that makes me want to better and improve day by day. Online I just have a monitor with no voice; the only good about taking online classes is that I get to be more with little ones and get to study with them; they require me a lot of time. But I still would choose a classroom than an online

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