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Marketing Plan “Marketing Seminar” Prof. Dr. Hani Abd El. Khalek ------------------------------------------------- Techno Freight Presented by: Sherin Haroun El. Rashied Table of Content Chapter One: Introduction 1.1 Executive Summary 1.2 Introduction 1.3 Methodology of analyses Chapter Two: Egypt Market Overview – Macro Environment 2.1 Economy in Egypt 2.2 Exports Promotion Strategy 2.3 Egypt Political SWOT 2.4 Egypt Economic SWOT 2.5 Egypt Business Environment SWOT Chapter Three: The Industry 3.1 Shipping Industry 3.2 Shipping in Egypt 3.3 Techno Freight Chapter Four: The Objective Chapter Five: Situation Analysis Chapter Six: Scenarios Chapter Seven: Action Plan & Implementation Chapter Eight: Feedback & Recommendations Chapter Nine: Reference Chapter One Introduction 1.1 Executive Summary Techno Freight was established in 2007 to provide systematic integrated logistics, hub distribution and the most advanced and value added services within the custom brokerage and forwarding industry. Today's logistics environment is as dynamic as ever, and requires the right skills and expertise to expedite freight in this new regulatory world. The success of Techno Freight mainly depends on its marketing activities and the effectiveness of these activities. In order to know if our marketing is effective all aspects of our marketing function that need to be analysed and by analysing the current marketing data flaws in the planning and weaknesses in our company's services, a proper action can then be taken to ensure a better functioning of the weak parts of your marketing engine or to make better use of the competition's weaknesses and flaws. Our marketing plan which will be highlighted will be focus on how that a local Egyptian leading

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