Techno Beats Nature Essay

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Mahdi Ibrahim Professor Notter UNIV 200 - 10:00am September 12, 2012 Techno Beats Nature Eureka! The most common heard word today associated with the different types of technology. As a child growing up during the summer, I couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning to get on my Nintendo 64 and play Super Mario. I would play for hours with my brothers and sisters and not have to step a foot outside the house to enjoy my summer. In today’s generation, there are many views that are related to technology; some being hatred towards it and some praising the evolution of it. One argument to some people is that they see it as the mere devil, they state, “that we are losing the roots of our forefathers and people nowadays are losing that strong connection with nature that many people hold dearly.” On the other hand, the people who praise technology find that the evolution is making the world a better and healthier place to live. Technology comes in many different forms, whether it is medical or an electronic device, making it better for humanity in every aspect. Children spend more than enough time outside of the house playing sports or just simply relaxing. Coping with nature doesn’t necessarily need to be hiking, camping, or studying the beauty of it. Evolution over time has turned the universe into a sufficient and effective place to sustain life for longer periods of time. In the current age that we are living, this generation is open to an abundant number of benefits that technology has brought to them such as television and video games. Unlike our forefathers, who relied heavily on nature, they believed to be the healer of all causes during their time period. The society doesn’t decide your life; you make the choices you make on what makes you happy and enjoy the human experience of life. I think that nature is a great thing to the society but if I don’t

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