Techniques Statistical Process Control Essay

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MSc Quality Management Business Centred Quality Management Birmingham City University Academic Year 2013/14 Excellence or Compliance, how is quality best achieved. Fahri Abdullahu S11764978 Excellence or Compliance – how is quality best achieved * introduction Although the marketing globalization has reached a promising level, promoting and selling of goods and services with an increasingly independent and integrated economy, the global economy is still not to its best. Highly competitive markets, where financial gain is often seen as a priority, leaves the opportunity to a higher risk towards failure to meet customer needs, and for any failure it’s the customer who faces most the consequences. The evolution of marketing globalization has brought in so many concerns, many products and services available in the market often do not meet and satisfy fundamental standards, and in some cases as it was with the latest scandal with horse meat in January this year, it poses great concern to the health and safety of the customer. Far beyond that, the influence of free marketing seems to have an impact on the home products and services as part of cheap labour offered from new members of European Union, which has an impact on overall quality culture of organisation`s, hence the need to employ fundamental standards and other quality management models, remains a good practice. For every organisation regardless size and nature of the business, it is essential meeting the customer specification by delivering a quality product or service. Quality product the one that conforms with the requirements of the costumer has to be based on some fundamental standards, must have a base platform, a starting point, and without a set of standards or principles or management tools, those that keep
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