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Technique is Everything Referring to history provides substance to an argument because of its reoccurring tendencies. In the essay The Position of Poverty by John Kenneth Galbraith, he begins with a quote that is historically reflective. Galbraith comments on Alfred Marshall and his studies on poverty, while giving a vague definition to the lowest socio-economic status. He uses this technique to strengthen his argument about the severity of poverty. Galbraith uses Aristotle’s laws of rhetoric (ethos, pathos, and logos) to pinpoint on your character, heart and mind. Even though Galbraith only argues one side of the solution to poverty, he carefully inserts topoi throughout the text and uses it to establish his argument and attempt a solution to poverty. Galbraith begins by giving you and overview of poverty and the problems with it. He methodically uses pathos by saying “those afflicted have such limited and insufficient food, such poor clothing, such crowded, cold and dirty shelter that life is painful as well as comparatively brief (Galbraith 1)”. This borderline testimonial sentence is one of power and a strong shot at your emotions. He uses so many adjectives and repeats “such” to emphasize how unbelievably horrible it would be if you were in the downward spiral of endless poverty. He generalizes poor people as cold, hungry, uncared people who are going to inherently die young, no exceptions. After his heartbreaking definition of the impoverished lifestyle, he begins to break poverty down into two separate entities. Galbraith divides the complex issue of poverty into case and insular poverty. Case poverty is the alcoholic in the family, the lazy family down the street or a disabled friend. It concentrates on individuals who, for some reason, are unable to support themselves and to gain the basic necessities without assistance. This type of

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