Techniphobia In Fiction Films

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Technophobia in Science Fiction Films Technology is something that everyone uses. In today’s society, our culture almost necessitates the use of technology. Many things today are done differently than they were in the past. Just fifteen years ago, e-mail was used mostly for work and not really as a social tool. Now, even our schools use e-mail to alert students of any news that they might need. When one thinks about what they do during a typical day, technology is present in most daily functions. From the coffee maker to an alarm clock to the computer at a desk, all of them are technology that has advanced to make things easier. The question is where technology should stop. For any who have lost their cell phone, they realize how dependant many are on something that is so small. Without it, access to phone numbers that aren’t memorized becomes difficult. Just think about if electricity suddenly vanished, all we would have left would be a lot of expensive paperweights. With technology advancing at such a fast rate, along with our dependency on it to live day by day, fears could begin to rise in our minds. There are many movies that deal with a fear of technology. Over the past twenty years, there have been movies released that show the future of mankind in a dystopia, with robots ruling the Earth and humans on the brink of extinction. I believe these movies are bringing these fears to light through both narration and visual styles. The movies I decided to study were all part of the Terminator trilogy. These movies were chosen because they represented not only the idea of technology taking over, but all three movies came out in different decades. The first Terminator is set in 1984. It is about a woman, Sarah Connor, who is being chased by two men. One man, Reese, came from the future to protect Sarah from the other man. In the future, Reese

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