Technical Writing: Smithville College Brochure Evaluation Essay

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This assignment seeks to determine ways in which the campus guide meets the needs of new students and visitors. It is assumed that the user has not been to the campus before and that they will use the guide to find buildings and services, while physically on the campus and during the orientation process. Evaluation Findings The reaction I’ve gotten to the campus guide is positive. The composite-opinion is that it definitely meets the needs of users in the following ways: 1) It has an intuitive layout – it would be easy to use – especially if one were in a hurry. 2) The color coding of the buildings and facilities visually sets them apart from less interesting features. 3) The guide is brief and the language is straight-forward. 4) The alphabetized listing of buildings and facilities is direct and functional. 5) The legend key for symbols is unambiguous in quickly leading to the location of a service offering. 6) If a user had an issue requiring immediate help, the phone number would be invaluable. Evaluation Summary The guide is logically ordered, compact and functional with text that is comfortable to read. The standard paper size is convenient to handle. The North-South orientation of the map is consistent with standards (including the one likely used by the local municipality for walking tours). The color coded map clearly defines where the buildings and facilities are located and uses page space wisely. For the young student, potentially away from home for the first time, the tone of the guide is reassuring and presents the school in an inviting and friendly light. The consensus at my house is that new students and visitors would quickly and easily find what they needed using the guide. After reviewing the guide, my wife wants to go back to school at

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