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Outline for Green Technology I decided to do my research paper on green technology because knowing that our population is rapidly growing and the demand for new technology is expanding, there has to be change in how we are utilizing our resources and creating energy. Green technology is where our future is headed for how we power our houses, buildings, cars, and other technology we currently use and will be using. Green technology is “that in which the technology is environmentally friendly and is created and used in a way that conserves natural resources and the environment” (Whitney, 2013). There are many different types of green technology and some of the few are: wave energy, solar power, and Hydroelectricity. With green technology we will be able to provide energy to technology that requires power by using natural resources. Another word for green technology is “environmental technology”. Without the use of green technology, we would be utilizing and depleting all of our non renewable resources. “Specifically though, green technology is the use of environmental science to preserve and restore the earth’s recourses and eco-systems” (Environment911, 2010).We currently are so dependent on non renewable resources that we are using them up faster then what is available for us to use. Currently, we depend on oil to run almost everything for us. “Oil runs everything but is also necessary to manufacture most things. It is a finite resource but humanity uses it as though it were never going to run out. Oil is the single biggest reason why we need green technology today” (Environment 911, 2010). There are many goals behind converting everything into green technology. Some of the goals with green technology are: sustainability, cradle to cradle design, source reduction, innovation, and viability (Green Technology, 2010). For our Earth to function at the rate it

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