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In today's society, a young person must obtain a certain zest for knowledge in order to live successfully in tomorrow's society. We must prepare today for the technological advances of tomorrow. It is not the world that limits us, or even the peers who surround us. In fact, the obstruction is so close to us that we do not even recognize it. The only obstruction between a person and success in tomorrow's society, is that person. There are many things that I do to prepare myself for the future. First of all, there is the computer. If a person is not computer literate, there is no way that he or she will survive the technological advances of the future. I have prepared myself in this manner by being enrolled in all of the computer courses that my high school has to offer. I also took the time to learn, on an individual basis, how to type correctly. I do not think that there are too many kids around who can say that they type eighty-four words per minute. I also love to read. I have come to the realization that reading does amazing things for your vocabulary. Reading opens many doors that other wise may not have been open, and lets the reader see things that they may never get to see. The way that I see it, flying across the ocean to Europe and reading a book about Europe are equivalent. I also try to keep up with the news and all of the latest technological software. I can honestly say that I grew up as an introvert. I have found out that one must socialize in order to ascend in society. A lot of the time, you can get places by just knowing the right people. Technology is great to have, but the bad thing about it is that if there were a power outage, it would not be sufficient. Therefore, I also try to learn basic things from my elders just in case there is a blackout in the future. Technology is not a creation, but only an improvement of what was

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