Tec 401 Technology Plan Week 2

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Organizational Technology Paper Organizational Technology Plan Methods of Addressing Emerging Technology Technology is a powerful tool. In most recent years it has been constantly changing. We’ve gone from mobile telephones that are about a foot long and weigh 10 pounds, to them being not even an inch thick and weighing just over a pound, and most likely touch screen technology. The importance of careful needs analysis, especially for first-time users of computer systems cannot be overemphasized (Regan & O’Connor, 2002). To design an effective training program, one must know what people need to learn, and how they learn new things. To be an effective trainer, one must master the subject being taught (Regan & O’Connor, 2002). A careful needs analysis ensures that training is done right. Persons preferred learning style reflects an education background and experience level. Some may learn from being hands on, learning a new system by actually being talked through it, and them doing it. Others learn from writing terms from a textbook on paper. Some just like to teach themselves without any direction. Enhancing Manager Skills to be Effective in a Technology-Driven Environment Anyone in the management position should be the first to know about the new technologies in a company. The company should take all necessary steps to get each of the manager’s proper training in new systems. Since they are going to be the ones that are teaching other employees how to use the new technology, they should be the best at it. Any time that there is any new technology used in a business there should be no expense spared to train the staff. You do not want your employees to not know what they are doing, it could potentially make your employees look incompetent. Increasing Responsiveness and Effectiveness The internet has become a very powerful source to the world.

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