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Tears Of a Tiger Essay

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  • on July 19, 2011
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Tears of a Tiger
Have you ever been through a traumatic incident? “Tears of a Tiger” was written to relate to young adults who go through daily problems. In this book, the author, Sharon Draper defines the setting, character, and plot.
The setting in Tears of a Tiger is very compelling for young adult readers because of the strong connection it holds with drinking and driving, teenage death, and responsibility and consequences.  It makes you rethink what you are about to do and think if it is really worth it or not. You also imagine yourself in Andy’s position and wonder what you would do and how you would take everything.  Another tragedy is going through having a good friend throughout all your life and then losing him to you driving while drinking. This book really is opens my eyes to all the possibilities that can happen just because you are not responsible and not think of the consequences that can come out of it.
                Secondly, young adult readers find the characters in the novel appealing. First of all, Andy is a compelling character because of the way he deals with struggles he goes through. For example, when Andy decides to lead his team back into the first game; even though he has a great amount of pressure on him. Next, there is the psychologist, who is also appealing character. The psychologist gets Andy comfortable enough where he opens up and tells her how he is feeling. She also gets him to remember the good memories that he has of Rob.  Finally, young adults are attracted to the character of Keisha because of the patience she has with Andy. She listens to him when no one else will and knows how to work with him.
                Finally, the plot of the novel generates interest for young adult readers as well. The first event which engages young adult readers is when Andy and his friends get into a car accident and lose Rob in the fire. “Andy! Andy! Help me- Help me- Oh God, please don’t let me die like this! Andy!” (Draper 14)....

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