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3/30/14 Tears of a Tiger Tears of a tiger was written in 1993, but can be related to almost any generation of teens, this is a realistic fiction book that almost anybody can feel connected to. The book starts after a basketball game with four friends, Andy, Robert, B.J., and Tyrone. They get drunk celebrating in the parking lot, and then Andy drives them all home. Andy had drunk the most, and ends up swerving on the highway into a wall. Although no one dies from the crash, but Robert gets stuck in the car, which after the crash ends up having a gas leak which causes the car to burn with him inside it. “The whole car is in flames, and Rob is still stuck inside, and we can hear him screamin’, ‘Andy! Andy! Help me!’” The three teens watch as their friend gets burned to death.…show more content…
But Robbie didn’t. That’s scary.” But it hits Andy the hardest, not only did he cause it, but they had been friends since middle school. They did everything together. And when Andy lost him it became hard to do anything without him thinking about Rob. Andy never does overcome the tragedy. Andy was charged with DWI, and lost his license until the turns 21. He also has to attend alcohol rehab, and see a psychologist. The psychologist does a lot of meetings; he also talks to his basketball coach about a lot. But the one person that was there through almost everything was his girlfriend Keisha. She was his true rock, she was the only one that was there when needed and knew what to say to try to make him happy. If it wasn’t for her, he probably wouldn’t have ever made it through

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