Tears of a Country

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Maya Angelou, a poet, demonstrates the beauty and horrors of Africa through a short 3 stanza poem called “Africa”. She chooses her words carefully to depict how Africa was being invaded and there was nothing that could be done. Angelou’s audience would be people of other countries that also have been invaded, she want them to understand that she felt what they felt when the same situation happened to her country. Her audience is also people of the future generation, Angelou wants them to know and feel the tragedy in the history of Africa. She uses symbolism and imagery to capture the audience’s ethos. One of the ways Angelou captures the audience’s ethos is by referring to Africa as a female to create more emotional appeal towards the audience, to show the reader that this country was beautiful and gentle before history happened. She starts off the poem with, “Thus she had lain,” (Angelou) this first line uses imagery to let the reader picture a woman that has just gotten out of bed. The word thus is used to start off the sentence, why did she not use there or here? When people hear the word thus, they see it as a more elegant way of saying something. When we hear the word elegant, our minds automatically refers that it is something beautiful or expensive. Therefore, “Thus she had lain,” is getting the audience to picture a woman that is beautiful and rich. Another way this line can be interpreted as is that the sun is rising over the country of Africa. In our heads when we think of sunrise, we will picture ourselves on the beach watching a beautiful sunrise. In this particular poem we are seeing the sunrise in Africa to bring morning to the people of this country. As she continues with this first stanza she starts to describe the woman. “Sugarcane sweet, deserts her hair, golden her feet, mountains her breast,” (Angelou) Angelou uses personification to
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