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Building a efficient team to improve operational effectiveness Introduction Teamwork plays a key role in the operation of business in the competitive market, which deeply influences the operational effectiveness of companies. It is necessary for a company to build an effective team that is able to make contributions to its development, and the business purpose of the company could be accomplished by the team. Team players cannot separate him or herself from the team. The benefit of the team are closely related to all members, the members should have team sprits and blend into the team, so that the operational effectiveness can be improved . Although teamwork brings benefits such as team cohesion and time saving, there are still a few adverse impact such as decision making problem and not enough communication should be considered. Therefore, this essay aims to analyse the effect of teamwork in business operation by analysing the benefits and drawbacks of teamwork . The first section illustrates the theories were argued, and the second and third sections analyse the benefits and the drawbacks that teamwork brings to companies respectively. Literature Review As the commercial competition is increasingly fierce, the modern society pays more attention to team building. As a coin has two sides, teamwork plays a key role in modern business performance, while the conflict, overlapping and absence of teamwork roles also affect the business performance. There are a plenty types of studies on teamwork: The first type is Belbin team roles, which is also called Belbin team inventory (Fisher, Hunter and Macrosson, 2000). It is thought that a rational construction consist 9 types of person. The 9 types of person represent personal behaviour characteristics of self-management during tasks and activities. Although the test could help the individuals to confirm their

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