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Teamwork has a crucial importance in every aspect of people’s life. According to Schermerhorn teamwork is the process of people actively working together to accomplish common goals (2011). Moreover, often teams achieve greater outcomes than the individual through synergy which is defined as the creation of a whole that is greater than sum of its parts (Christopher, 2013). However this is not always the case because sometimes it would be better completing the task as an individual rather than teamwork. The reason is that there could occur some team work problems in teamwork such as social loafing, personality conflicts, differences in work styles, task ambiguity and poor motivation to work (Christopher, 2013). As Schermerhorn states that these kinds of individual differences and work style can disrupt the team (2011). For instance when I was studying academic English we had some of these problems as a presentation team which had six team members including me. Our team’s problems were social loafing, personal conflicts, poor motivation to work. I observed that personal conflicts resulted in some different ideas which had very good impact on our presentation and it led to better result in term of our presentation. On the other hand social loafing and poor motivation to work brought about lower level of our performance. The reason was that we had a team mate who did not want to contribute any team work and he was not motivated at all. Because of this, others team members had to study his part behalf of him and could not pay attention properly their own parts. Therefore I am totally agree with Umali comments which he mentioned in his 3rd blog that a successful team can be identified when a group has been composed of right mix of individuals with good complementary skills. Overall, it is clear that if team can create a synergy, they most likely achieve better results than

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