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The concept of teamwork is instrumental in the success of most businesses. Teamwork in business is better defined as working together to achieve a common objective or goal. It is important to maintain a good sense of teamwork in business. By working together, a team can accomplish an objective or goal fast and efficiently. One of the greatest practices of teamwork is to ensure that everyone involved in the team understands their role and is utilized to their maximum potential in achieving the goal. This gives team members a great sense ownership and responsibility to the objective. I believe that a person will work harder and with a sense of pride if they feel like they have ownership and are an instrumental part in the process. Recognition is another good practice in teamwork. When great teamwork leads to a successful objective, it will benefit a company’s morale and confidence by rewarding the team, as well as individual team members. Workers gain satisfaction and pride by being recognized for their outstanding accomplishments for achieving their objective. Even with great teamwork there is always room for improvement. A smart business can add incentives to areas in which can show improvement. I think a clever way to do this is by using positive reinforcement. Businesses can do this by having the teams compete with each other in various manners, all of which lead to a better process or product. Positive reinforcement is good because it will highlight those who show outstanding performance. I used to work in an area that unknowingly used negative reinforcement. They did this by constantly using threats of disciplinary punishment for poor performers who made errors. That workplace had a horrible morale and poor teamwork because of this, which ultimately led to a high employee turnover rate. The workers used the saying, “The beatings will continue until morale

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