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Teams and Conflict Management Paper

  • Submitted by: skyemajic
  • on April 12, 2008
  • Category: Psychology
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Teams and Conflict Management Paper
April 5, 2008

      Developing work teams that become creative and innovative depends on the team and what they want to develop in today’s organizations. In some of my readings I found that some organizations use a 12 step called the “Twelve C’s,” these 12 c’s consist of clear expectations, context, commitment, competence, charter, control, collaboration, communication, creative innovations, consequences, coordination and cultural change. Different teams use communication, research, skills, strategic plans, diversity and can work in a group, this can be a personality trait for some individuals, yet some people are better working on their own. Having people with different opinions, ideas, strengths and weaknesses would make a good team.   Organizations that have diversity are also very important to making a team. A strong team will be a productive team. A team with differences of opinion can drive creative energies in an organization. When teams are formed having ground rules and expectations can help a team be more successful on a given project. Teamwork fosters the creative processes. Organizations that have employees who are skilled, compassionate and have committees will contribute to their environment that will support their talents. Teams are also used because the output of several people working on a task may be better or, in some cases, more creative than if each person approached the task individually. Organizational scholars (e.g., Hackman, 1992) have noted that behavior in organizations is often driven by: social inertia,” or relying on familiar ways of doing things. Being in a team is not the hard part, being intolerant, and having the same positive attitude towards the goals, working through conflicts and diversity is what makes the team a success. When a team has a good leader who can influence his employees to follow him to a goal is good. Leaders who can provide strategic direction and vision can help...

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