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Team Work Essay

  • Submitted by: taurusgurl
  • on October 30, 2012
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A philosopher once stated that "a team is a strong as its weakest player".   Not only is a team as strong as its weakest player, but it is also as weak as its weakest player.   Team issues, negative team experiences, and problems within a team can cause ineffective teamwork which in turn leads to issues within the team.   There are many scenarios and attributes that can cause a team to be ineffective and unsuccessful. Successful teamwork is caused by effective communication, clear goals, and a strategic delegation of duties. Problems within a team can be caused by ineffective communication, obligations outside of school, misunderstandings within the team, and conflicting opinions.  
Ineffective communication can cause issues within a team. Ineffective communication occurs within a team when someone or something interrupts the flow of information from the sender to the receiver of a message. This can be done in several ways. A few common causes of ineffective communication are poor listening, not asking for clarification, the use of a variety jargon, not speaking clearly or effectively, the use of poor non-verbal communication, and information overloads.   This can cause misunderstandings, frustrations, and hinder the success of a team. Good communication, strong organization, and strong leadership can lead to successful learning teams and groups. Effective communication skills within a group allows each member to voice freely his or her thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions to the rest of the team without any precautions from the other members. Effective communication allows each member to know and understand his or her role within the team and keeps each member on one accord.   Effective communication skills can lessen the chances of conflict among the team and team members. If a conflict does arise, effective communication skills can help with the resolution to the problem. Effective communication skills also can improve the team’s decision-making process and...

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