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Team Summary Mtg 311

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Team Reflection Summary
October 15, 2012

Team Reflection Summary
In week five the team learned more and focused more on managing stress and methods to managing organizational changes.   These two subjects are very significant in maintaining stress and planning methods on how to function as a team and a company.   If one is under a lot of stress of course you may find it hard to function in your position as well as for the team in accomplishing a single goal.   Strategizing a plan on how to remain calm when one is overwhelm nothing will not be overlooked in the slightest detail. It is important for management to come up with ways for the company as well as a team to function sufficiently.

Managing Stress
Some jobs are stressful than others. Most of accounting jobs have many deadlines that become stressful to meet. Time management plays an important part of managing duties of a job and reducing stress. One should make a list of the duties that need to accomplishing for the day. Go back and prioritize them by most important to less important. Schedule the most important by time to the least important. An individual should perform the most important activity during the most alert and productive part of the day. An individual should keep a daily calendar of what activities need to perform for the month. Doing the following steps will help a person stay on top of all duties that need completed, meeting, and reach of the goals with the company with less stress. Doctors recommend some exercise and a good diet will help relieve stress and meditation to relieve tension.
Devise Methods to Manage Organizational Change
There are all kinds of diversity in a workplace.   It may be age, religion, gender, race, ethnicity, and even disability status.   These are considered as demographic characteristics.   There are two levels of diversity:   surface-level which is people using stereotypes and assumptions to think what they want towards others; and deep-level...

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