Team Sports Helps Builds Good Character

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Calvin Pratt Essay III 1 April 2013 Team Sports, Helps Develop Good Character Do team sports really help develop good character? Well, that seems to be an interesting question. Most people will argue that team sports help develop good character and some will argue that it does not and that it seems to depend on your definition of character. Character defines what a person is, how a person interacts with others, and how others define an individual. In today’s world, a good quality character is more important than ever before. This essay will argue the point that team sports are a good tool for developing character in individuals. Team sports teach individuals how to work together as a single and functional unit. Working within a team environment and still being able act as an individual will make the team stronger and more reliable. Working within a team environment also can make member stronger as an individual. Most individual success stories have a common denominator, a team that works in the background to help someone succeed. Team sports can help build social skills as well. Meeting new people whom may have a different set of skills, different types of personality, and a completely different outlook on life in general can be educational and a good character builder. “Participating in team sports also helps individuals to be able to handle stressful situations and make split second decisions” (Dorsey). As a child grows up in today’s world, they learn how to do things for themselves. They are shown a multitude of ways to become more independent and they learn that being independent will create great success. With independence being taught to them every day of their young lives, teamwork does not usually seem like it takes precedence. However, in order to learn to become independent, teamwork does take precedence, because the parent and

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