Team Reflection Summary

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Team Reflection Summary Team B BIS/220 March 7, 2013 Robin Steele Team Reflection Summary After discussing the objectives from week one, team has listed individually his or her answers to the following questions. * What was learned? Anthony: Jennifer: I learned about the different types of information systems. I was not aware there were so many of them. I also learned new strategies when using Microsoft Word. This was extremely helpful to me. In addition, I learned to be very cautious when downloading things off the Internet. Mamie: I learned the new laws pertaining to copying things online. I learned how to use Microsoft more effectively. I also learned that technology constantly changes. As these changes persist, I will have to learn them all over again. Martha: I learned the value of ethics in the workplace as well as the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions. * What could be applicable to work or personal life? Anthony: Jennifer: Learning about the different types of information systems and the word processing tools will help me become more acquainted with the systems I am using at work on a daily basis. This will also help when doing assignments for class. Mamie: The business process will be very helpful to my personal business. When purchasing tickets or other items online and planning trips, I will have a better understanding of how the process works. Martha: Each individual’s ethics can either get him or her in trouble or help him or her avoid trouble. It is important to practice good ethics in the workplace and in one’s personal life. The practice of virtuous ethical principles can build a person’s reputation and it also aids in making responsible decisions. Additionally good work ethics makes an employee valuable and an asset to any company. * How has knowledge increased as a result of what was experienced
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